What is Ozone Technology?

Ozone Technology can be utilised in water or air systems as a 100% organic way to clean and sanitise, replacing conventional chemical-based methods.  The use of this technology can dramatically reduce time, water usage, energy usage, harmful chemical use and labour costs.


OZONE, Nature's own cleaner

OZONE is a completely Green cleaning solution with many different industry uses - from laundries to the bottling industry!

Ozone infused water or air systems are a 100% organic way to clean and sanitize replacing conventional chemical based methods, which in turn reduce labour costs, sanitation costs, hot water consumption and harmful chemicals.

OZONE is one of natures most powerful sanitizers and has been used for years. It is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms. A triatomic form of oxygen it has been used since the late 1800's as a disinfectant in bottled water.

OZONE works by dispersing into the air, flows over surfaces, travels deep into any crevice and eradicates organic molecules that form many indoor pollutants. O3 rapidly oxidises chemical and biological pollutants by reverting back to 02. The third atom naturally dumps itself onto the polluted atom and disperses. 

OZONE dissipation means you will have clean air or water in minutes in whatever process you are using it for. It is non toxic, 100% Green Organic and naturally forming. Eliminates the use of hot water and conventional sanitizers.

Key benefits of Ozone Santization

  • 51% more powerful at killing bacteria than chlorine
  • That equates to 3,100 times faster than chlorine
  • ZERO toxic by-products
  • Eliminates use of hot water and conventional sanitisers
  • Very inexpensive to produce
  • Dissipates in minutes leaving only clean water behind

Ozone from Optimise

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