Energy Saving Solutions for Business

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Voltage Optimisers

Voltage optimisation refers to the process of reducing the incoming voltage supply to the premises in order to reduce energy consumption and the degredation of equipment.

For Manufacturing or industrial scale businesses, this can have a substantial effect on the longevity of efficient operation of equipment and machinery, including lighting systems.

Voltage Optimisers
Green Energy Battery Storage

Battery Storage

There are many benefits to installing battery storage technology and with paybacks typically around 5 years, this is a commercially viable option for a large number of organisations. 

  • Store excess energy produced by your Solar PV but not used at time of production
  • Reduce grid consumption at times of peak costs
  • Potentially generate income via payments from the national grid for switching off grid supply on demand. 

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Facilities Management Surveys & Software

We are able to provide comprehensive surveys of your estates detailing all aspects you need for effective facilities management. 

The survey will include condition and age of everything from your heating system to your lighting and buildings themselves.  As well as identifying the current state of material objects, the survey will also verify all compliance with aspects such as COSHH, Fire and First Aid.  All results of the survey will be input to state of the art software enabling you to plan and forecast needed improvements and capex along with tracking and assessing results of efficiencies installed. 

Facilities Management
Cellar Management

Cellar Management

Rather than keeping your cellar Cooler running to keep your cellar between 10-14 degrees, you can install a smart system to draw air from outside the building when the external temperature is below 10 degrees (which it is for over 60% of the year). 

This automatically switches off the main cooler and leaves only the condenser running as normal, requiring only a fan to pull in the air which runs at a fraction of the cost

You can achieve paybacks generally within 12-18 Months.

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

We are able to provide Commercial EPCs which provide advice on how you can make cost effective improvements to your building to make it more energy efficient, including:

EPC provides a detailed report including information on pay back periods, energy saving improvements and carbon-reduction opportunities. 

EPC's are a legal requirement for all commercial property over 50 sq. metres in size to have upon construction, or prior to sale or lease.

Energy Certificates
Air Compressors

Compressed Air Energy Recovery

If you're currently producing compressed air then there is definitely a possibility for you to significantly reduce your energy costs through recovering waste energy. 

Heat is created whenever air is compressed and this heat is extracted before the compressed air is distributed.  This heat can be recovered and reused in the form of either hot air or hot water, thus reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Gas Magnets

The installation of Magnet Technology to your Gas Supply will improve the percentage of your Gas converted to usable heat and has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 6% in a multitude of organisations. 

With a low cost of supply and installation, this type of efficiency improvement provides incredibly fast paybacks for organisations with high gas consumption. 

Gas Magnets