Wenlock Spring Water director Bruce Orme, has been working closely with Optimise Energy on it's energy management for sometime now. Optimise manage the energy procurement and have presented numerous energy saving technologies including Solar PV. Optimise helped Bruce to complete, apply and be awarded the MARRE energy grant with a significant 50% towards the Solar PV array. The grant made an already viable project all the more agreeable to Wenlock Spring Water, having already adopted a 50kW Solar array some years prior. By adding a further 62kW of solar they now boast an overall system size of just over 100kW. Expected CO2 savings from the new install are in the region of 110 Tons CO2. They opted for an intelligent system that tracks each individual panel which helps with maintenance, performance and monitoring.

Bruce said after the install, "Wenlock Spring has been working with Optimise Energy for a few years now, and they have helped us save money on electricity, energy efficiency and recently a new solar panel project. We look forward to continuing with our partnership with Nathan and Optimise Energy in the future". 

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