Shropshire Floods

Have you been affected by the Shropshire floods or storm Dennis? Mother Earth is fighting back in the form of landslides and flash floods, we need to make changes now!

We are told by local newspapers that the river rose to its highest level since the November 2000 floods. Loads of roads, car parks and businesses were forced to close due to the flooding. Although chaotic what's brilliant to see is how the community have come together. There have been so many volunteers offering support, people helping to clear debris from the streets and businesses offering other businesses free of charge hot desk facilities. 

The floods have certainly got everyone thinking about climate change and the need to invest in renewable energy. For one hundred and fifty years or more humans have depended on fossil fuels to power everything from the light bulb, to our homes, cars, businesses, factories the list goes on and on. Unfortunately this has resulted in fossil fuel energy becoming embedded in nearly everything we do. But that doesn’t need to be the case, we know if we make a change from fossil fuels to renewable energy this will help to mitigate climate change. 

Sometimes the task of combatting global warming can feel far too mighty for one person to tackle on their own. But we are not on our own, we are part of a community and a great community at that! At Optimise Energy we can help small, medium or large businesses make the switch. So if you want to help but don’t know how, call us today on 01746 761500 for your free energy review. 

Here are 3 simple changes you can make today in your life:

  • Get decreasing! Make a conscious effort to decrease your energy consumption. Start with turning off all electrical equipment when it’s not in use, switch to more energy efficient light bulbs. Then bigger changes could include reviewing your households energy system and considering solar panels or geothermal heating. 
  • Get walking! We understand this one isn’t always possible but for some journeys we could walk or cycle instead of driving so consider this next time you’re popping out. If it is essential to drive try to make your car more green. For example, fill under-inflated tires, remove any additional weight not needed from the car, when fuelling fill up all the way. Then when planning for the future, perhaps consider an electric car or the most energy efficient vehicle you can find. 
  • Get talking! Do some further research and help inform others on simple changes they can make to help make the switch. Together we can make a difference. 

Let’s save the planet! 

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