Optimise Energy review their carbon footprint journey.

We implemented a plan to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% or 2.4 tonnes of carbon, as a small business our usage is mainly from our vehicles and the office space. See our initial plan below. 

Carbon Footprint

  • Our current carbon footprint is as per below:
  • Diesel mileage – 9514 per annum – 5.9 tonnes of CO2
  • Petrol mileage – 4,211 per annum – 2.1 tonnes of CO2
  • Office CO2 is based on an estimated 5,000kWh per annum which equates to 3.4 tonnes of CO2
  • Total CO2 is 11.4 tonnes of CO2 per annum


10% reduction of carbon in the next 12 months or 1.4 tonnes of carbon. 


  1. We are moving the company to more home working for the staff which will cut down mileage to the office.
  2. We are going to conduct more business meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom Conferencing to minimise mileage.
  3. We are discussing with our landlords to take their energy to a green tariff to offset our usage although they are locked in contract until 2022.
  4. All our office heating is migrating to smart plugs managed via an app to minimise running hours and cut kWh.
  5. We are moving to 100% recycled paper in the office but also moving to online billing and e-proposals for our customers. This should drop paper usage to circa two reams per annum.



As an environmentally focused business we assist our clients to cut costs, cut carbon and go green and to date have helped them collectively save the equivalent of 6.3 millions tonnes of carbon sequestered by trees each year. Our aim is to use the minimum amount of energy to facilitate ongoing CO2 savings for our clients thus working towards a significantly carbon positive business when you compare the two.



Pledge to Net Zero forecasted results for the year are as below, we can accurately predict the mileage and office energy consumption based on this yearss changes and are very pleased with the savings achieved.

                             Current forecast:       Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

   Vehicles                            Mileage or kWh                      CO2 Tonnes                                           

  • Diesel                                    2724                                        1.7
  • Petrol                                     505                                          0.3
  • Office Energy kWh              1249                                        0.8
  • Total tonnes of CO2                                                              2.8
  • % Reduction                                                                          75%
  • CO2t Reduction                                                                     8.6


The carbon saving is a little bitter sweet as we said goodbye to 2 members of staff due to COVID-19 pressures. However, a 75% reduction is still significant. We aim to continue this effort and are seeking alternate ways to reduce. This may include an electric car or other such technologies. 


Jan - Dec 2021 Update

Through a radical change in our business structure we now only conduct video conference meetings with out clients which are conducted solely via home working, this has allowed us to eradicate all mileage from from the business. We have moved to online proposals and billing only so have eradicated all paper and ink from the business. We operate on from home so do have energy usage still but this will be Green once the current contract has elapsed and this will be the final element we can tackle within our business. We have taken our 11.4 tonnes of CO2 and lowered this to just 0.8 Tones of CO2 which is a 93% saving. 

We aim to maintain this level if possible and will look at energy saving technologies that may help to reduce our home electric usage.

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