CUAN Wildlife Rescue are based in Much Wenlock and are a very special animal based charity who work 365 days per year to help save, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into the environment.

They are tirelessly working to accommodate up to 4,000 animals per year through the gates whom they fed, care for, arrange veterinary treatments and of course give loving energy to them. They work on the premise of minimal human contact so that the majority of animals can be successfully released back into their natural habit.

Optimse Energy UK recently met with Sean and Tina from the rescue centre and were so touched by the hard work and dedication that they agreed to kit out the centre with LED Lighting. This will save the centre around 70% off their lighting costs each year for the next 10 years as well as save CO2 from the environment. This of course goes had in glove with protecting the environment that the very animals are being released back into. 

Nathan and Shane from Optimise hand delivered the lighting to add that personal touch to the donation. We would like to wish CUAN Wildlife all the best in the future and have decided to add them to our list of green and environmental charities we support. 




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